Pontesford Hill is a fantastic local landmark favoured for its walks by the local community and those from further afield.

It is now combined with the original Shropshire Wildlife Trust acquisition of its slightly higher neighbour, Earls Hill to form one large reserve.  The two hills now form a reserve rich in wildlife from rare hoverflies, grayling butterflies to a wide variety of birds and bats.

The east side of the hill has crags which climbers come to from far and wide to practice their skills.  Some have been known to go on to climb Everest!  Walks can be reasonably gentle to quite steep and demanding so please wear suitable shoes / boots.  The view from the summit is well worth the climb, particularly on a clear day.


Panoramic view from the summit of Earl’s Hill
 If you feel inclined, 'Grandad' visits the summit on each Christmas day leaving some sweets and a card to sign.

Check out our photo galleries or even better, come and visit!!

Please remember to help us look after this amazing area and leave it as you found it for others to enjoy.