The Friends of Pontesford Hill can deliver split hardwood and softwood logs, sustainably sourced from the forest management activities on the Hill. The wood is processed by volunteers and all profits go to the maintenance and improvement of the Hill for all. One ‘load’ is just under 1 cubic metre. Moisture content of the wood at the moment (Spring 2022) is about 40-50%, meaning that is being delivered ‘part seasoned’ and not yet ready to burn. New DEFRA regulations mean that we cannot sell this type of wood in less than 2 cubic metre loads, so we deliver it in return for a donation.

You should not burn the wood until the moisture content has fallen to >20%. This may take one or two summers depending on your storage facilities. Ideally all firewood should be burnt in an enclosed modern stove. Softwood should not be burnt on an open fire. For DEFRA guidance on seasoning and burning firewood see:


Donation per load, delivered locally: 

Split hardwood logs 9 inch/250mm nominal length   £75

Softwood cord wood (4 ft/1.2 m lengths)                   £40